Letter to the Editor: The Chaotic & Collapsing Biden Administration

President Biden has been dangerously lacking in projecting strength and leadership to the world and has failed to respond to numerous crisis events quickly and with authority. And the bad guys around the globe are taking advantage of this weakness and threatening the world.

America now faces a two-front international conflict scenario that could have been prevented with good, strong, leadership; one in Europe with Ukraine/Russia and one in the Middle East with Israel/Hamas. Iran proxy governments in the Middle East are now firing missiles and drones at our troops and international shipping daily and the Biden Administration continues to send money to Iran. All caused by Biden’s lack of strength and international leadership. A China–Taiwan conflict will likely be a third front.

Under Biden and democratic leadership (or lack of), our critical Strategic Petroleum Reserve is approaching empty, our military has gone WOKE, is incompetent, and is the weakest since World War II. Our military cannot meet recruitment goals and Biden is reducing the special forces by 10%. Munitions supply for the two wars cannot be replenished fast enough and thanks to the Biden administration, America is at its weakest point in 70 years.

Overall inflation has been above 10 percent and today the average income earner has to spend $11,600 more to purchase the same items that were purchased before Biden became President. U.S. Household annual income for Arizona has nose-dived by $3,600. Housing costs are through the roof and families are forced to purchase smaller homes than just two years ago. With today’s 8 percent interest rate house buyers can’t afford a new home and those wanting to sell a home, and holding and holding an old 3 percent interest rate, do not want to jump to 8 percent.

There’s more to the Biden Administration collapse.

Three national banks have failed in 2023 and 200 are listed at risk, Bank of America reported losses of $131 BILLION for the 2023 year, our national debt under Biden has risen to $33 TRILLION and Biden wants $4.5 TRILLION in new taxes from you to spend more, the stock market is below that experienced under Trump, and the Gross Domestic Product is below what was experienced in the Trump Administration.

Biden wouldn’t shoot down a Chinese spy balloon, Putin and China are teaming up and planning behind our backs, India is joining the group, and the Saudis are being courted by Iran. China and Russia are both walking all over our State Department and Biden and embarrassing Americans, 11 million illegal aliens have entered our country, and nobody knows where they are, and those numbers are changing the demographics of the country forever. More than 100,000 Americans died last year of drug overdoses caused by fentanyl poisoning that came from China and smuggled across the unsecured southern border, and Biden doesn’t do anything before 9 AM and goes to bed at dinner time.

Wait, there are more failures.

Crime is rising faster than ever before and police are not allowed to do their jobs, murder rates are the highest in 25 years, and our justice system is two-tiered (an easy one for the elite and Democrats – and a tougher one for the plumber and conservatives) and President Trump is being persecuted under multiple false indictments.

The Biden Administration has weaponized government against conservatives and Christians. The FBI was caught with forming a 30-member team directing Twitter and Facebook to censure our speech, the FBI is creating a “police state” with SWAT tactics arresting Republicans but not Democrats and Democrats have defunded the police… but Biden is hiring…and arming… 87,000 new IRS agents.

Democrats are stealing our children, indoctrinating our children to oppose their parents and they are denying parents any parental Rights. The Biden Administration has declared parents of school children as “domestic terrorists “and has raided their homes, school boards are sexually grooming our children, democrats support the “trans” culture, and males are in girls’ sports.

Biden’s “Green New Deal” is killing our economy and Biden wants to regulate your gas stoves, air conditioning units, and washing machines. President Biden declares he wants to unify the country but holds a prime-time national television address with the background bathed in an intimidating red glow and calls Republicans “extremists” and “semi-fascists” and has repeatedly described conservative Republicans as “MAGA extremists”.

And then there is the Biden crime syndicate family of “pay to play” bribery operations– where Joe and Hunter Biden teamed up to shake down international leaders and officials for millions of dollars. Congressional investigation records indicate up to $50 billion have been paid to Hunter and Joe, which then have been passed down to other family members. The money came from China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Biden family members have now been subpoenaed to testify and Republicans are calling for an impeachment of President Biden.

Is President Biden compromised and has he put America at risk?

Well, Biden delayed shooting down the Chinese balloon, he shut down the Department of Justice’s China-focused anti-espionage unit in February 2022, calling the unit “racist” and Biden lifted many sanctions that Trump placed on China. He’s done little to warn China not to invade Taiwan. Biden has not blocked China from buying up thousands of acres of U.S. farmland, most near military installations. Biden has refused to blame China for the COVID pandemic.

Countries that once trusted the United States now are concerned about their countries and future relationships with the U.S.

Is any of this helping any American? Do you feel safe?

WARNING. Voters going into the 2024 elections should understand that the Biden appeasement philosophy goes all the way down to local democratic candidates. NONE should be elected!

Do you remember the calm days of progress with the Trump Administration?

No new wars and the Afghan war was downsized to only 2,500 troops from 13,000 when Trump took office.

Peace was flourishing in the Middle East with the newly negotiated “Abraham Accords”.

America had the best economy since President Eisenhower.

Average gasoline was $2.11 a gallon when Trump left office.

We were energy independent which would keep gasoline and natural gas prices low.

Our gross domestic product in March of 2020 was 4.6 percent, a very “hot” growth. Under Biden, the second quarter of 2023 GDP was only 2.3 percent.

A home loan interest rate in 2020 (Trump) was 3.11 percent and under Biden, it is now 8.39 percent.

Under Trump, the Department of Justice was not “weaponizing” the FBI and law enforcement to knock down doors with SWAT tactics and long rifles to arrest political enemies at gunpoint.

Annual income levels were rising.

Gary P. Morris is chairman of the Gila County Republican Party.

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