Letters to the Editor: Biden Shows Incomprehensible Lack of Leadership

Payson Roundup Newspaper Oct 17, 2023

The Hamas invasion of Israel was not to overthrow a government, but to obliterate (kill) every Jew they could find. And more than a thousand innocents have been killed, including women and girls raped and then killed, and in the Kibbutz of Kfar Aza, 40 babies were slaughtered, some beheaded.

Don’t believe it? All the evidence is on video – broadcast by Hamas. And now we know Iran supported and funded the ongoing massacre and Hamas leadership thanked Iran for the assistance. And President Biden, with all the ongoing brutality and killing in Israel, continues to strongly defend releasing $6 billion to Iran. How stupid can one be? The $6 billion should be commandeered and given to Israel. The Biden Administration has already tried to interrupt Israel’s destruction of Hamas by going to Turkey and asking them to negotiate a ceasefire. That would be like demanding a school shooter to stop shooting until police arrive. Incomprehensible lack of leadership. And it continues.

Earlier this month, an Iranian spy ring was discovered in Washington D.C. with spies at the Pentagon and the State Department. In a major national address to the country last Tuesday, Biden did not make any mention of Iran’s involvement in the massacres. Nor did he publicly warn Iran that if any of the American hostages are killed, Iran will pay a severe price. A true leader would already have an American naval fleet blockading all shipping activity coming out of Iran.

More delays in leadership. Secretary of State Blinken was not dispatched to Israel until Tuesday evening – arriving in Israel Thursday, six days after the attacks started. Other countries quickly sent military aircraft to Israel to evacuate their citizens. Biden did not.

Biden has been dangerously lacking in projecting strength and leadership to the world and has failed to respond to crisis events quickly and properly. Bad guys around the globe are taking advantage of this weakness and threatening the world. Will Taiwan be next?

The United States must fully support Israel and allow them to completely eradicate the entire Hamas organization in a manner similar to how Trump destroyed ISIS. Biden cannot interfere with Israel’s operational goals in this conflict. Voters going into the 2024 elections should understand that the Biden appeasement philosophy goes all the way down to local democrat candidates who should never be elected.
Gary P. Morris, Chair, Gila County Republican Party

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