Letters to the Editor: Republicans Hold Large Luncheon Event

The Gila County Republican Party held the largest political event for Gila County on Friday, September 8, with their Reagan Day Luncheon. More than 250 people filled the ballroom at the Mazatzal Casino to hear guest speakers Arizona Congressional District 2 Representative Eli Crane, along with Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, as well as Pinal County Sheriff and candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark Lamb.

The speaking event was a Fire Side chat format in lieu of direct speeches, with all three speakers engaging in answers to questions from the moderator. All three speakers commented on their concerns over the leadership of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the border, parental rights in schools and education, the Biden family crime syndicate, impeachment and the approaching debt ceiling vote, the need for a new budget and the lack of a balanced budget. They also expressed concern about the weaponizing of the government and the abuse of citizens, and the persecution of former President Trump while the Biden family crimes are far more serious and being ignored by both prosecutors and the media.

The next major Republican event will be the spring Lincoln Day Luncheon. The public can monitor Republican events by going to gilagop.org or call Republican Headquarters at 928-325-7302.

Gary Morris, Pine

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