Letters to the Editor: Trump Conviction a Double Standard

  • Payson Roundup Newspaper June 18, 2024
  • Gary P. Morris

The conviction of President Trump has once again proven there is a two-tiered justice system in America. A harsh one for Republicans and conservatives and a soft one for Democrats and the elite.

President Trump was “railroaded” with a weaponized justice system!

Here’s how:

Prosecutors took two accounting error misdemeanors – whose statute of limitations had expired, and inappropriately “created” felony election law counts. Such a “creation” has not been used in any past trials.

The prosecution was littered with Constitutional Rights violations, such as moving the so-called federal election law charges to a state court (in violation of the Supremacy Clause under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution), followed by a First Amendment free speech (gag order) violation along with numerous due process violations described in both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. A Sixth Amendment violation occurred when the prosecution failed to provide clear and concise charges brought before Trump.

Additionally, the judge has a history of muscling his way around the court’s established protocol of “case rotation” by grabbing those cases involving Republicans, or Trump associates, as he did to take on Trump.

He demonstrated severe bias when he denied nearly all the “objections” from the Trump attorneys but allowed nearly all the objections from the prosecution, damaging Trump.

He further demonstrated bias when he refused to allow the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission to testify that Trump did not violate election law.

The violations of trial protocol and President Trump’s civil rights are so obscene that legal professionals across the country are certain the conviction will be overturned. But those involved in persecuting Trump don’t care. They wanted Trump out of the Presidential race.

Remember Hillary Clinton’s deleted 30,000 emails and smashed phones scandal?

Stunningly, FBI Director Comey waived any prosecution.

President Trump’s prosecution is a clear illustration of the two-tiered justice system in the country and flagrant election interference.

President Trump has stated, “They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you-I’m just in the way”.

And they are coming for us. Just weeks ago, the democrat Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes indicted 11 Arizonans and 7 others over the 2020 electoral college count dispute.

They’re getting closer to you and me.

The only means to stop this assault on our justice system is to elect Donald J. Trump as the next president.

Gary P. Morris
Gila County Republican Committee Chair

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