Meet the Republican Primary Candidates!

These are the Republican candidates that you can vote for in Gila County from County up to State-wide offices. Please select the candidate picture to go to their online site.

US Senate

Vote for 1

Kari Lake (R)

Mark Lamb (R)

Elizabeth Reyes (R)

Congress CD2

Vote for 1

Eli Crane (R)

Jack Smith (R)

Corporation Commission

Vote for 3

Rene Lopez (R)

Lea Marquez Peterson (R)

Rachel Walden (R)

LD7 State Senate

Vote for 1

David Cook (R)

Wendy Rogers (R)

LD7 State House

Vote for 2

Walt Blackman (R)

Barby Ingle (R)

Andrew Costanzo (R)

Dave Marshall (R)

John Fillmore (R)

Steve Slaton (R)

LD6 State House

Vote for 2 - Only these Gila County Precincts are in LD6: San Carlos, Canyon Day, Carrizo

Lloyd Johnson (R)

Rich King (R)

County Supervisor District 1

Vote for 1

Stephen Christensen (R)

Dave Golembewski (R)

County Supervisor District 2

Vote for 1

Tim Humphrey (R)

Randy Roberson (R)

County Supervisor District 3

Vote for 1

Woody Cline (R)

Kelly Parks (R)

County Assessor

Vote for 1

Sherra Kissee (R)

County Attorney

Vote for 1

Bradley Beauchanp (R)

County Recorder

Vote for 1

Sadie Jo Bingham

Bonnie Wolff

County School Superintendent

Vote for 1

Jack Duffy (R)

Roy Sandoval (R)

County Sheriff

Vote for 1

Leonard Kerszykowski (R)

Tom Morrissey (R)

Adam Shepherd (R)

County Treasurer

Vote for 1

Monica Wohlforth (R)

Judge of the Superior Court Division 1

Vote for 1

Bryan B. Chambers (R)